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The Orthodox Nationalist: Pre-Christian Byzantium II – TON 102121

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the formation of the early nation state in early Byzantium.

The rise of nations and empires is a historian's business. These are complex, messy affairs with complex backstories totally averse to one-liners or slogans.

In part II of the preconditions of the rise of the Byzantine-Roman empire, the states of Thrace, the Aetolian League, the Kingdom of Pergamon and Mithridates' Pontus will be summarized.

All of these societies had possession of what became the heart of the Byzantine empire in the final three centuries before Christ.

So much of the Byzantine and Roman idea came from the failures of the Leagues and proto-empires of the classical Greek states and colonies. The glorious, nationalist failure of Mithridates was the final event that created the Roman political concept and the rise of modern states.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Pre-Christian Byzantium II – TON 102121


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