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Parish of the Patriots: Remaining Thankful – PP 112321

Grandpa Dan covers the Rittenhouse verdict and wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

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The kangaroo court trial of Kyle Rittenhouse ended this past week. It was a spectacle in every sense of the term and the entirety of clown world was on full display. At one point the prosecutor, who was acting as the representative of the government referred to those who were attacking people and destroying property as “heroes” while the young man who dared defend himself was painted throughout as the violent villain.

IIf we remember the guy in a MAGA hat who was executed in Portland not so long ago, it’s not a stretch to theorize that perhaps the same was intended for our Kyle in order to reinforce the fear conjured up by the unofficial street thugs of the regime. When the plan backfired because he was able to successfully defend himself, they shifted the narrative to “And if you defend yourself, the government will call your attackers heroes, make you the villain and send you to prison”. With this narrative shift also failing, it’s quite possible they will now just cut their losses and herd us on to the next ‘evil White man’ storyline.

In our Christian specific message we will be talking about remaining thankful as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday. We cannot change the fact that we are living in a collapsing society and the social order is dissolving right before our eyes and for some of us we can lose sight of the things which we should be thankful for.

As children of God through Christ though, we should remain thankful for all that he has done. We struggle in this world and we should be thankful for this, for the struggle is a reminder that the world hates us because we do not belong to it. We are thankful that the victory is ours. The liars, the blasphemers, the mockers and all of those who embrace evil will be forced to confess the truth and we will stand in the glory of Jesus Christ.

Bible reference this week will be: Isaiah 59:7-11 and 1 Thessalonians 5:15-23

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

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Parish of the Patriots: Remaining Thankful – PP 112321


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