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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 177 – AAI 111121

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Sven Longshanks plays the best new music with a European aesthetic from all around the globe.

Halindir opens with church organs and oboe, building up to tom toms and the Powercyan like ambient grooves of Cyberwalker.

The Fair Attempts go for darkwave, adding guitars to the retro beats, while Oswald Jr brings an epic techno feel to the soundscape.

Mythical Vigilante wakes from the hypnotic trance with cheerful electro breaks in a loop, leading up to Efilheim’s darksynth with trance flavours and guitars.

Lazerpunk stays with the guitars adding hip hop influences and finally drum and bass, before Forerunnerx closes the synthwave section with a distortion heavy remix and more variety than usual with the melody. 

For Null starts the rock section with a blues beat in a Led Zep style, followed by Northsong’s flutes and viking rhythms to a catchy chorus.

Havukruunu begin with raw black metal and end with male voice choir just in time for Krematorium to add militant melodies to the black metal grooves.

Death SS sound reminiscent of The Cult in their heyday, contrasting with the sharp production of Zornheym’s symphonic death metal.

Hand of Kalliach sound like Julee Cruise singing over Vapor Hiemis with a Scottish accent before Wolfstavar go back to trad metal with a great anthemic chorus.

Skald finish up with harp, mandolin, female vocals and shamanic drum.

Halindir, Mythical Vigilante, Forerunnerx – Soundcloud
Cyberwalker – Future 80s Records
The Fair Attempts – Star Wing Digital
Oswald Jr – BARD Music Channel
Efilheim, Lazerpunk, Northsong, Hand of Kalliach  – Self Released
For Null – Westernkind Records
Havukruunu – Hammerstunde
Krematorium – Hass Weg Productions
Death SS – Lucifer Rising Records
Zornheym – Noble Demon
Wolfstavar – Wolfstavar.de
Skald – Decca Records

01:17 Halindir - Comfy XXVI - NEW
06:14 Cyberwalker - People Of The New World - NEW
12:40 The Fair Attempts - Trials of Celeste - NEW
16:39 Oswald Jr - Discipline (Preview Clip) - NEW
21:14 Mythical Vigilante - Tommy Sludge - NEW
24:34 Efilheim - Departure Zero - Exodus – NEW
28:51 Lazerpunk - Rabbitjunk - Denature (Lazerpunk remix) - NEW
32:38 Forerunnerx - Hubrid – Le Rodeur – NEW
35:28 For Null - Fill the Void - NEW
39:18 Northsong – Titan – NEW
46:31 Havukruunu - Yön Torni - NEW
51:12 Krematorium - Freie Herzen Schlagen – NEW
55:40 Death SS - The Temple of the Rain – NEW
02:07 Zornheym - Corpus Vile – NEW
08:06 Hand of Kalliach - Solas Neònach – NEW
13:18 Wolfstavar - Mimirs Weisheit
19:08 Skald – Jólanótt – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 177 – AAI 111121


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