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The Daily Nationalist: Bonfire Night Bonanza – DN 110821

Sven Longshanks discusses the acid attack MP escaping jail time and the superb bonfire night traditions of Lewes.

Claudia Webbe MP is refusing to step down and is appealing her suspended sentence, claiming that she is the real victim in this.

Since she is Black and was judged by a White judge, she feels discrimination was at play, despite her effectively being let off.

Lewes bonfire night was attended by tens of thousands, come to see political effigies set on fire and to take part in a ritual that has remained the same for thousands of years, even if the name of the festival has changed.

There were burning crosses, torch lit parades and British Empire uniforms, although black-face Zulu warriors to fight them have now been stopped by the party pooping ‘Bonfire Against Racism’. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Bonfire Night Bonanza – DN 110821


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