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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Death of Emperor Alexander I of Russia – TON 111021

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson tries to find out whether the Emperor faked his own death.

The Emperor Alexander Pavlovich of Russia is said to have died in 1825. At the time, there were many who believed that he faked his death to escape the extreme pressures of power, power he never wanted.

After his death, a monk named Feodor Kuzmich appeared in Siberia. Claiming to be illiterate and not able to “remember” his past history, this charismatic and talented hermit – bearing a striking resemblance to the Emperor – spoke like an educated aristocrat in several languages. He knew intimate details about the war against Napoleon, court life and even royal etiquette.

Since that time, rumors spread that Feodor (today St. Feodor) was the Emperor himself, who secretly became a wandering monk to atone for the murder of his father, Emperor St. Paul – and for permitting Masonic groups to form on Russian soil.  It's far from an airtight argument, but it's a good one, and an event with tremendous implications for Russian history.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Death of Emperor Alexander I of Russia – TON 111021


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