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The Orthodox Nationalist: The "Non-Possessor" Dispute in Old Russia – TON 110321

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson debunks a western myth about Russian Liberalism.

In Postmodern America, historiography exists only to support the official Leftist ideology. It is enforced in academia, in corporate America and in state offices. Deviation from Leftism will lead to the destruction of one's career and reputation.

The oligarchic media is responsible for this in the non-academic sphere. In Old Russia, this is proven by the myth of the “non-possessor” controversy.  Allegedly, two monastic founders, St. Nil Sorsky (1453-1508), leader of the “hermit faction” and St. Joseph of Volokolamsk (1440-1515), leader of the “propertied faction,” fought over the issue of landownership for monks, leading to an ideological dispute pitting “liberals” and “traditionalists” at each other.

This is entirely invented. What sounds like an obscure theological disagreement is actually of profound historical import. Despite it not existing, the claim that it did exist was destructive. At the time, the dispute was invented to protect Judaizing revolutionaries, but for moderns, it is said to be the origin of “Russian liberalism” and a “Russian Reformation.”

Western academics have completely made up an issue in order to claim that Russians are all liberals – just like all of us.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The "Non-Possessor" Dispute in Old Russia – TON 110321


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