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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 183 – AAI 123021

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Electronica and metal with an unmistakable European flavour that reflects the interests and concerns of the West.

Birovious begins like the first rays of sunlight on a summer morning creeping over the hills and slowly waking you up, just in time for Atmolifter to appear with precision-cut darksynth beats to get you out of bed.

Mythical Vigilante fires up the coffee machine with retro-electro as you body pop your way to the TV, where Diverje is mixing social commentary with aggrotech and industrial melodies.

SynthAttack accentuate the industrial influences with a seasonal dark electro tune, building the atmosphere for a cinematic darksynth piece from Macrowave.

Artificial start like a gabber DJ before morphing into a Russian deathcore band, contrasting with a Hungarian sounding jig played by Estonian metalheads Sorus.

Hope for the Weak keep the Blink 182 spirit alive, while Mavorim tap into the raw energy of black metal with male voice viking choir.

Aquilius conduct a symphony of blackness overflowing with melancholia, before we briefly return to the light with Kalevela’s mouth harps and bagpipes.

Gjallarhorn take us back to classical piano and acoustic guitar building to a crescendo, only for Voland to transcend them all with elements of opera and ballet mixed with the extreme metal.

Julia Juls rounds the podcast off with heartfelt vocals and acoustic guitar.

Birovius, Atmolifter, Gjallarhorn, Voland – Soundcloud
Mythical Vigilante, Artificial, Sorus – Self Released
Diverje – DSBP Records
Centhron/SynthAttack – Unknown
Macrowave – Macrowavemusic.com
Hope for the Weak – OPOS Records
Mavorim – Purity Through Fire
Aquilius – Blood Music
Kalevela – Xzona.su
Julia Juls – Sub Version Production

01:49 Birovius – Ascend - NEW
07:33 Atmolifter - Invisible Mass - NEW
13:28 Mythical Vigilante – Supersonic - NEW
17:24 Diverje – Society Creates the Monsters - NEW
23:41 Centhron - Krampus (SynthAttack Remix) – NEW
27:57 Macrowave - Neontenic - The Great Nothing - NEW
31:31 Artificial - Rave During the Plague – NEW
36:41 Sorus – Kuus Laeva - NEW
40:48 Hope for the Weak - Keep on Fighting – NEW
45:43 Mavorim - Im Kampf – NEW
53:04 Aquilus - Eternal Unrest – NEW
06:46 Kalevela - Fly Away on the Wings of the Wind NEW
11:20 Gjallarhorn - Колесо Солнца – NEW
17:05 Voland - Suite Russe – NEW
25:27 Julia Juls  - Hol Mich Raus – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 183 – AAI 123021


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