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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Donbass in World Politics – TON 120821

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at what is going on in the contested Donbass region of Ukraine.

What is the Donbass? Since 2014 Dr. Johnson has been following the events of this successful Social-Nationalist, separatist movement as it forms into a struggling state.

The history of the Donbass region, especially its role in the Soviet economy, makes their nostalgia for the USSR somewhat understandable.

It's a complex tapestry of competing interests united by a single goal: to not go down the path to the fourth world. To be the opposite of modern Ukraine is to be independent, industrial, Orthodox, productive and disciplined.

The Ukrainian state today is a colony of the US and EU in every respect. Ukraine is an independent country in the same way Joe Biden is president of the USA. Novorossiya is the negation of liberalism. It's the negation of capitalist democracy. It's also war-torn and very much alone.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Donbass in World Politics – TON 120821


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