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The Orthodox Nationalist: Three Lies about Tsarist Russia – TON 121521

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson uncovers the truth about the reign of Tsar Nicholas II.

How do you start a revolution in a country in the midst of great growth and prosperity? You have to lie about it.

While the lies about late imperial Russia are endless, there are three that are the most irritating: Rasputin, economics and the Tsar's abdication. Russia was in a state of mesmerizing prosperity by the time World War I began. Because of this, a foil to attack Nicholas needed to be used, and that was Rasputin.

This led to the creation of a fake “abdication letter” that removed the Tsar from a victorious war, hence placing the country under the rule of the Masonic, Provisional state.

These three lies are thus highly connected. The reign of Nicholas II has been the subject of pseudo-historical manipulation for decades, but it requires this level of concerted mythology for a successful, strong and popular government and social system to be overthrown.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Three Lies about Tsarist Russia – TON 121521


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