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Parish of the Patriots: Your Actions Can Change the World – PP 012522

Grandpa Dan explains how we can change the world and why the shepherds are to blame and not the sheep.

The Parish of the Patriots contains one of a kind thought provoking discussion as well as a Christian specific message that you won’t find anywhere else. If you enjoy the show, your voluntary financial support will be very much appreciated and you can find out how to get involved in that at the bottom of this page.

One would be well served to keep in mind that we are under a constant assault both mentally and spiritually. Every day we are bombarded with ever increasingly audacious lies. In order to counter this, it is important to compartmentalize and contextualize.

In other words: focus on the things you can change in your own life and not the things that you have no control over. This can seem small and insignificant but in reality, if enough people do so then it can have far reaching ramifications.

As an example, ask yourself how you could personally counter U.S. military adventurism (imperialism) around the world? On the surface, this would seem to be something that you don’t have much ability to effect. Yet potentially you can, because military adventurism depends upon a voluntary military. This is why we don’t have a draft. As long as the military is voluntary, people will shrug off the latest conflict in Bumfunkistan and give it little thought.

The weak point here is the voluntary military and all you have to do is don’t join the military. Discourage your children and grandchildren from joining. If you have some money and assets, utilize these to help your children or grandchildren to get started in life so they aren’t left feeling as though joining the military is their only option left to get their life moving forward.

If enough people were to do this collectively, the government would be forced to either scale their global ambitions back or institute the draft and the problem with the draft is that as soon as military service becomes compulsory, then all of a sudden the people will push back against the adventurism because it will be affecting them personally.

In our Christian specific segment we will discuss the fact that people are sheep. We often look at our fellow man with a certain amount of contempt because they are indeed sheep that will pretty much go along with anything. Yet this is simply how people are. We are referred to as sheep multiple times in the Bible, yet God does not reference us as such with contempt.

While people are very sheep like by nature, the Lord has also set shepherds the task of keeping the sheep within the boundaries. Understand that when you see the sheep scattered all about chasing after nonsensical things, this is the failure of the shepherds and not the sheep.

Bible reference this week will be: Ezekiel 34: 1-10

‘When the master comes home and finds the sheep scattered, his anger will be directed at those tasked with keeping them home’

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Your Actions Can Change the World – PP 012522


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