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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 185 – AAI 012022

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Tribal electro, Nationalist techno, heroic power metal and RAC with more energy than the CERN reactor.

iVardensphere begin with tribal drums and soundtrack splashes, followed by Document Lambda’s own voice over a simple melodic coda to his body of work.

Kiile fire up an eighties bassline topped with happy vibes, followed by funky beats and spooky samples from Teknein.

AKMV-18 goes from Underworld, to Daft Punk to classical with a lot of syncopation in between and We Are Magonia go for mid-paced darksynth with dubstep influences.

Alpha Sect build up a deep dark techno space with kick drums and shakers, while Dance With the Dead bring us back to the glitterballs with ZZ Top style guitars mixed with disco.

Amelchenko blast straight into the metal section with strings and falsetto, contrasting with Subfire’s acoustic intro before the layered harmonies and power metal takes over.

Nezhigol love their trad Russian singing, Whisper of Runes style, while Tyhjyydesta Syntynyt’s viking metal sounds just as Finnish as the name would suggest.

Living in the Circus win the award for most energetic workout this week, closely followed by symphonic progressive metallers Moartea Regului’s slightly more refined audio assault.

My Last Eclipse bring a gothic edge with contrasting male and female vocals before Moongates Guardian’s harpsichord and flute herald some Tolkein inspired symphonic black metal.

Halindir rounds the selection off with fifties UFO noises, shakers and woodwind.

Alpha Sect, AKMV-18, Dance With The Dead, Moartea Regului , Moongates Guardian, Нежеголь, We Are Magonia – Self Released
Amelchenko, My Last Eclipse – Xzona.su
Document Lambda – DocumentLambda.com
iVardensphere – Metropolis Records
Halindir – Soundcloud
Kiile – Kiilemusic.com
Живущие В Цирке – Barbatos Productions
Teknein – 86dresden.com
Tyhjyydestä Syntynyt – Independent

00:39 iVardensphere -  The Shattering Queen - NEW
08:21 Document Lambda - Lunar Bender - NEW
11:59 Kiile - Pacific 85
17:00 Teknein – Dutchman – NEW
20:19 AKMV-18 - Quantum Metanoia – NEW
25:14 We Are Magonia and Nighfall Heroes - Blood Kings – NEW
29:38 Alpha Sect - Abundance Of Lies – NEW
35:08 Dance With the Dead - Kiss of the Creature – NEW
39:07 Amelchenko – Thunderer – NEW
44:32 Subfire - Fate of a Sinister World – NEW
49:55 Нежеголь - На Могилах Героев – NEW
54:04 Tyhjyydesta Syntynyt – Huuto Pimeään – NEW
58:44 Живущие В Цирке - Москвабад – NEW
02:28 Moartea Regului – R'HEA
06:03 My Last Eclipse – War – NEW
10:26 Moongates Guardian - I Will Not Say the Day Is Done – NEW
16:09 Halindir - Comfy XXV – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 185 – AAI 012022


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