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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Limits of Postmodernism I – TON 011222

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the pros and cons of Postmodernism and breaks down what the term actually means.

Ortega y Gasset spoke of the “mass” as the product of liberal and democratic “equalization.” He realizes that the mass, without any substantive conception of truth, is easy to manipulate.

Jean Baudrillard, the subject of this series, was one of the leaders of the Postmodern movement. He denies the possibility of actual social relations by dissolving them into a set of “images” the Regime invents, what he calls the “hyper-real.”

Images in Postmodernism don't have a referent. They're simply invented. He argues that the Regime rules by hypnosis, and our high-tech environment makes its totalitarian power easy to impose on a mass that has no intellectual means to fight back. Only a mass can be so manipulated and hypnotized.

Postmodernism, by rejecting objective social relations at all, has the problem of not being able to replace it with anything. If social life is just a set of images, how can someone – especially in the university – conceive of any alternative way to live? They don't.

It still remains a viable method to deconstruct and attack the claims of the Regime, but is a double-edged sword.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Limits of Postmodernism I – TON 011222


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