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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Ugly Truth about Ukraine – TON 012622

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson breaks down the Ukraine situation and separates the truth from the lies.

Today, the possibility of nuclear war looms over Ukraine. While unheard of during the Cold War, the nuclear option is being discussed by Republicans given the fact that the Regime cannot rely on either the ability or loyalties of the American armed forces, leading to speculations on the nuclear option. This is how far the Regime will go to destroy any nationalist dissent.

This is a very important broadcast given the massive amounts of (admitted) disinformation pouring out of all American media firms. Mass ignorance about Russia and Ukraine among the general population, but especially among bureaucrats in the State Department and the Pentagon, is driving the calls for war.

This broadcast (again) explains the situation in Ukraine in great detail. This is the only place in English where this information can be obtained.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Ugly Truth about Ukraine – TON 012622


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