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The Daily Nationalist: Crack Pipe Equity – DN 020922

Sven Longshanks looks at Biden’s drive to provide equity for Black drug users and UK teachers indoctrinating children against Boris.

The Biden administration will be providing crack pipes to minorities in a drive for ‘racial equity’. This is likely because the majority of heroin addicts are White and get free syringes, while the majority of crack cocaine users are Black and do not get free paraphernalia

Illegal drug use is responsible for a huge amount of crime and the illegality of it, provides a constant supply of new users when addicts start selling to others in order to fund their own habits.

Instead of half measures like this that turn areas into magnets for criminals, why not provide the drugs in a non-injectable and non-smokable form, swapping the addiction for dependence and eliminating the perceived need for drug addicts to create new addicts or turn to theft?

In the UK teachers are pretending that 10 year olds are so concerned with the politics of the country that they are writing to their MPs demanding Boris step down. This follows on from kids marching round the classrooms with BLM placards while the teachers pretend the pupils thought this up all by themselves.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Crack Pipe Equity – DN 020922


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