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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Casualties of the Regime – TON 021622

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at why Liberalism ultimately cannot tolerate any dissenting opinion anywhere.

This broadcast lecture deals with the ideological background of both the Pentagon and NATO. Taking concepts developed in his book ‘The Foreign Policy of Mass Society: The Failure of Western Engagement in the  Islamic World’ (2016) and his paper “American Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan: Cooking the Books?” (2017), Dr Johnson analyzes the nature, purpose and ultimate failure of liberal aggression against anything seen as opposing it.

Liberalism is a totalitarian ideology using the fusion of corporate and state bureaucracies to create the global “New Man” to consume its products. Whether in foreign or domestic policy, liberalism is an illness that must be destroyed.

Dr. Johnson will be on his honeymoon next week, so no show will be recorded.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Casualties of the Regime – TON 021622


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