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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Irish Civil War of 1922 – TON 020222

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at Irish independence and the civil war that followed.

Today's broadcast concerns the little known, brief and extremely damaging civil war immediately after the British empire granted Ireland independence in 1921.

Independence was a face saving measure from an exhausted British empire and it was was in name only.

Irishmen had to swear an oath to the British Crown and Ireland became part of the Commonwealth.

The 32 counties of a now-divided Ireland were totally dependent on London financially and as a result, much of its financial life was controlled by the empire.

This ignited a war between those supporting the treaty and those rejecting it that still has a strong imprint on Irish politics today.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Irish Civil War of 1922 – TON 020222


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