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Daily Nationalist Extra: Denazification – DNX 030222

Grandpa Dan asks what ‘denazification’ means within a Russian context.

In this week’s special edition of The Daily Nationalist Extra, we’ll be delving into the topic of the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Specifically, we’ll be looking at Putin’s claim that one of his goals is the “denazification” of the Ukraine.

I’ve seen right wingers on the internet triggered by this because they apparently don’t grasp the concept of propaganda. To understand these things we must first decouple emotion and apply definitions to the words.

In this case, what does “Nazi” mean? If you are going to apply the literal definition (which you should) then you would have to define this to mean national socialism in general and national socialism from Germany in the 1930’s-early 1940’s in particular.

As such, we will take a look at the Ukraine and ask the question: If Russia is successful in the “denazification” of the Ukraine, exactly what of national socialism will be lost?

Presented by Grandpa Dan

Daily Nationalist Extra: Denazification – DNX 030222


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