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Parish of the Patriots: False Positives – PP 031522

Grandpa Dan explains that depression is a healthy response to living in an upside down clown world.

The Parish of the Patriots returns with one of a kind thought provoking discussion and a Christian specific message that you won’t find anywhere else. If you get something out of this show, your voluntary financial support is very much appreciated and if you wish to take part in that, you can find that information at the bottom of this page.

One of the big lies (among many) that we’re told today is that somehow we are all supposed to be happy all of the time. “Stay positive! Don’t be anxious! Don’t be depressed! If you are, then go see your doctor and get some mood altering drugs so that you dont feel this way.” However is this normal? Or is it more reasonable to look around at the collapsing clown world that we live in and come to the conclusion that experiencing a negative emotional reaction to it all means that you still have a healthy a grasp of reality?

In the Christian specific segment we’ll discuss a different way to approach reading the books of prophecy as we look at a passage from Revelation. Most people tend to tie themselves up in mental knots attempting to decipher what appears to be the words of a man on a bad acid trip, but this is not the way in which I approach reading these things. Instead, I simply look for patterns and reflections of the world around us. If you take this approach it can also help you to get much more out of reading the books of prophecy in the Old Testament as well.

Bible reference will be:

Revelation 13: 11-17

Anyone can bake cookies. If you follow the recipe and add the correct ingredients you will wind up with a batch of cookies. Likewise if your society follows the recipe outlined in the Old Testament prophecies, you will wind up with a batch of God’s judgment.” ….GPD

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: False Positives – PP 031522


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