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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 191 – AAI 031722

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

New music from Nationalists and others to accompany the great patriotic revival of the Occident.

Halindir begins with plucked harps, theremins and a slow swing beat, followed by iVardensphere’s cinematic strings, brass and female voice.

Amalec uses familiar percussion and organ sounds for Hiraeth’s crooning, before Holon brings an electro influence to get the dance beats started.

TourdeForce ride a new wave bassline with wailing guitars and Blondie style vocals, while Sacrothorn adds sharper synths and growled dark electro lyrics.

Chaos Vector navigates a vast array of darksynth sonic artillery and Neurotech brings synthmetal to new heights with the fourth and final symphony from his new album.

Sun Vessel go for nostalgic neofolk from the east, while Firn brings gentle woodwind, grandiose brass and chugging riffs in a viking longboat.

Interior Wrath get the slavic bagpipes out with melodic death metal, before Duir hypnotize us with breakneck pace white noise atmospheric black metal.

The Simple Men finish up with operatic vocals and a symphonic ballad.

Halindir, Amalec & Hiraeth, Sun Vessel, The Simple Men – Soundcloud
iVardensphere – Metropolis Records
Holon – Subatomic Audio
TourdeForce – Gradual Hate Records
Sacrothorn, Neurotech, Firn, Duir – Self Released
Chaos Vector – Diskonekt
My Skin is Multicam – Telegram
Interior Wrath – Hammerstorm

00:58 Halindir - Sunstreet Manteion - NEW
05:26 iVardensphere – Varunastra - NEW
13:48 Amalec and Hiraeth - Blood Memory - NEW
19:51 Holon - For A Better Tomorrow - NEW
25:34 TourdeForce - The Calling - NEW
30:14 Sacrothorn - Волей моею - NEW
34:25 Chaos Vector – Demiurge – NEW
40:30 Neurotech - The Prophetic Symphony – NEW
50:52 Sun Vessel – Toska - NEW
54:31 Firn – Frostwärts – NEW
04:28 Interior Wrath - Стяги Побед – NEW
08:51 Duir – Solitudine  - NEW
19:03 The Simple Men - Tribute to Siggi

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 191 – AAI 031722


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