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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 192 – AAI 032222

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

New European music from the alternative genres featuring Xurious, Hiraeth and Amalec.

Enter.Me start with double-entendre conspiracy theory europop, followed by a rousing anime remix with mediaeval hook line by Amalec.

Bow Ever Down go for dark disco beats and a catchy chorus, before Xurious returns with majestic synths and cheerful Hiraeth vocals.

Matt Hart takes things in more of a darksynth direction, slowly smouldering before Chaos Vector explodes in a fireball of hi-tech synth wizardry.

Teknovore brings a blast from his psi-trance past with techno beats and guitars, followed by acoustic techno rhythms, folk instruments and Russian band Ice’s Scandinavian tribute.

Vanir begin with tribal drums moving into melodic death metal and Whitelaw play jangly RAC with uplifting lyrics.

Kouta’s exotic lead guitar goes with male voice choir and deathcore grunts and squeals, before we slow the pace for Firmament’s ambient black metal sounding similar to Firienholt.

A twin lead guitar duel opens Vehemence’s breakneck speed knightly epic, showcasing some superb finger tapping and Amalec finish up with a bridal waltz featuring some of the classical sounds used in the Kangz of Blitz days.

Enter.Me – Russian Dark Community
Amalec – Soundcloud
Bow Ever Down, Matt Hart, Chaos Vector, Koutta, Firmament, Vehemence – Self Released
Xurious – Odyssey
Teknovore – Infacted Recordings
Ice – Xzona.su
Vanir – Mighty Music
Whitelaw – Midgard Records

01:01 Enter.Me - False Flag - NEW
06:51 Amalec - Forces [remix] - NEW
11:12 Bow Ever Down - Let It Burn
16:11 Xurious ft. Hiraeth - You Were The Best - NEW
20:06 Matt Hart – Walk in Shadows - NEW
24:30 Chaos Vector – Overlord - NEW
29:06 Teknovore - Save Me God – NEW
35:53 Ice - Scandinavian Dances - NEW
39:31 Vanir - Day Of Reckoning – NEW
47:25 Whitelaw - We Will Follow You – NEW
51:48 Kouta – Maanviha – NEW
57:39 Firmament -  Echoes from the Forests of Old – NEW
04:18 Vehemence – Au Blason Brûlé – NEW
13:50 Amalec – Bridal Waltz – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 192 – AAI 032222


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