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The Daily Nationalist: American Uniparty Denounces Itself – DN 030422

Grandpa Dan looks at the fallout from two members of Congress speaking at Nick Funtes’ AFPAC conference.

As Sven Longshanks takes a break from this Friday’s installment of The Daily Nationalist, we also take a break from the Russia Ukraine story to take a look at American political theater.

We are supposed to believe that there are two opposing political parties in the U.S. and that these parties have opposing political philosophies that guide them. However this has proven again and again to be false.

Instead in the U.S. what we have is nothing more than political theater. The rivalry between the Republican and Democrat parties is about as genuine as the rivalry presented in your average professional wrestling match.

As an example this week, we take a look at the outrage over the fact that two members of Congress dared to speak at an event that wasn’t blatantly anti-white. These two members were loudly condemned for their promotion of white soopremacy and antisemitism as proven by having the audacity to partake in anything that doesn’t involve loudly denouncing white people.

Presented by Grandpa Dan

The Daily Nationalist: American Uniparty Denounces Itself – DN 030422


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