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The Daily Nationalist: UK Online Harms Bill II – DN 033022

Sven Longshanks continues summarising the UK Online Harms Bill’s likely effect on freedom of speech in Britain.

The Culture Secretary gets to decide on what subjects are ‘harmful’ or not and can then designate ‘priority content’ for both adults and children that must be removed by online platforms.

Independent publishers will be effected along with citizen journalists who take care not to break the public order act, if the Culture Secretary decides a subject being discussed might hurt the feelings of a hypothetical ‘someone’.

Nadine Dorries has claimed that only the biggest platforms will be effected, but essentially anyone making content available for another user to view who is not in direct conversation with them, could fall foul of at least some of the regulations.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: UK Online Harms Bill II – DN 033022


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