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The Daily Nationalist: Ukraine’s Democratic Dictatorship – DN 032222

Sven Longshanks discusses Ukraine’s banning of all opposition parties and the experience of Ukrainian refugees in Sweden.

Instead of forming a war-time coalition government with the opposition parties, Ukraine’s comedian turned president Zelensky has banned them all outright by decree.

This comes after previously locking up the leader of the opposition and banning all tv news stations not owned by his own financial backer.

His own party is named after his tv show, where he played the part of being president and now he is the actual military dictator of the country.

In Sweden Ukrainian refugees are being harassed in ways they never were in Ukraine, after being placed into multicultural refugee centres.

Multiculturalism is the source of many evils, from the war in Ukraine to the increased crime rate in Sweden.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Ukraine’s Democratic Dictatorship – DN 032222


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