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Patriotic Weekly Review: Baked Alaska – PWR 041322

Baked Alaska joins Mark Collett and Jason Kohne for a new episode of Patriotic Weekly Review.

Mark just won a debate on Cozy.tv and PA just flew a banner over the Etihad soccer stadium.

Baked talks about his entertainment background and getting blacklisted for speaking up for Trump.

When Louis Theroux did his documentary, Baked was filming everything with his own cameraman.

He explains how shocked he was by the Christchurch shooting and by some people’s response to it.

He made a couple of videos denouncing certain elements of the alt-right over this that could have come out better.

After distancing himself from the alt-right he ended up with Nick Fuentes’ America First.

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Presented by Mark Collett and Jason Kohne

Patriotic Weekly Review: Baked Alaska – PWR 041322


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