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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 194 – AAI 040622

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Manly metal and funky synthwave with a European edge to it.

Silent Judge begins with darksynth riffs and organic drums, followed by Mythical Vigilante with funky retro-electro.

DreamReaper adds acid squiggles to the cyberfunk, while Fury Weekend blends dance beats in with a rock arrangement.

Xurious ropes Klaus Schwab in on vocals and Hubrid turns We Are Magonia into a majestic power metal/synthwave crossover.

Dav Dralleon goes for his usual syncopated industrial hellscape, followed by the cheerful Swedish metal of Snofrid.

True Aggression play energetic punk melodies, contrasting with the metal harmonising of Rage.

Tyr’s viking metal is accompanied by the Faroe Islands Symphonic Orchestra, while Wofstavar add bagpipes and a killer chorus.

Firienholt bring ambient Tolkein vibes to the black metal and Grimorium Verum begin in almost a synthwave style before moving into symphonic black metal.

Halindir winds the show up with organ sounds from the forest cathedral.

Silent Judge, Mythical Vigilante, Hubrid, Halindir – Soundcloud
Dav Dralleon – Self Released
DreamReaper – DreamReaper.com
Fury Weekend – FiXT Neon
Xurious – Odyssey
Snofrid – Das Zeughaus
True Aggression – OPOS Records
Rage – Rage-official.com
Tyr – Metal Blade Records
Wolfstavar – Wolfstavar.de
Firienholt – Naturemacht Productions
Grimorium Verum – Xzona.su

01:08 Silent Judge – Terminal - NEW
04:59 Mythical Vigilante - Fright Night - NEW
08:07 DreamReaper – ERROR303 - NEW
11:35 Fury Weekend - Save the Queen - NEW
16:03 Xurious - Cyber Attack - NEW
19:05 Hubrid – Synthwave is Dead - NEW
23:49 Dav Dralleon – The Frozen Lake – NEW
29:17 Snofrid - Utan Skuld - NEW
34:44 True Aggression – Revolte - NEW
37:27 Rage - Resurrection Day – NEW
42:07 Tyr - By the Sword in My Hand – NEW
47:25 Wolfstavar - Auf Nach Walhalla
54:29 Firienholt - A Forgotten Legacy
05:04 Grimorium Verum - Burn Gypsy! Burn! – NEW
12:30 Halindir - Comfy XXVII – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 194 – AAI 040622


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