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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 196 – AAI 050322

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Top quality new tunes by unmistakably European artists, with quite a bit of folk metal this week.

Wolfsschanze starts with an ambient number with Star Trek TNG samples, followed by an exclusive from Teknein, a punchy bass-driven dance tune featuring dissident vocal loops.

Cult of Neon has a crisper kind of Xurious feel to his new one, while Scandroid go back to the early eighties for a darksynth remix of a Tears for Fears classic.

Royksopp go for deep, dark and hypnotic with ethereal female vocals, followed by Ancestryl with laid back nineties trance without the goa influences.

Draven mixes it up and gets syncopated with Dav Dralleon, before we head into Celtic folk rock territory with Faun.

Heiliger Kreig rock out with a catchy Fortress cover leading into melodic death metal and chunky riffs from Hamara.

Mannegarm open the folk metal section with mouth harp, violin and a Hulkoff influence, while Kmet add a groove metal interlude before Vanaheim go for an all out symphonic folk metal epic.

Tylangir follow with harps, choirs, viola and blast beats, leaving it to Saxon to play us out with a lo-fi trip hop number.

Wolfsschanze – Private Release
Teknein – 86dresden.com
Cult of Neon, Draven, Vanaheim, Hamara – Self Released
Scandroid – FiXT Neon
Royksopp – Store.royksopp.com
Ancestryl – Soundcloud
Faun – Pagan Folk Records
Heiliger Krieg – Oldschool Records
Mannegarm – Napalm Records
Kmet – Xzona.su
Tylangir – Pagglutte Records
Saxon – Will2Rise.com

00:59 Wolfsschanze - In A Mirror, Darkly - NEW
04:07 Teknein - No Political Solution - NEW
09:47 Cult of Neon – AI - NEW
13:29 Scandroid  - Shout - NEW
17:45 Royksopp - This Time, This Place… (feat. Beki Mari) - NEW
25:39 Ancestryl - The Flash and Circle – NEW
32:09 Draven - BloodGod (feat. Dav Dralleon) – NEW
36:46 Faun – Galdra – NEW
43:15 Heiliger Krieg - Change of Times – NEW
47:42 Hamara - Holy War – NEW
51:18 Mannegarm - Stridsgalten (feat.Jonne Järvelä, Robse Dahn, Pär Hulkoff) – NEW
56:22 Kmet - About the City on the Dnieper – NEW
00:21 Vanaheim - Gevallen in de Nacht – NEW
11:43 Tylangir - D' alt Schmidja – NEW
18:58 Saxon - Thug Britannia – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 196 – AAI 050322


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