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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 199 – AAI 052622

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Extreme music styles being explored by Europeans, from dance music to metal.

Macrowave begins with slow forbidding electronica hiding a hint of menace, contrasting with the cheery breakdancing retro electro of Mythical Vigilante.

Don Dellpiero hits big hair guitar riffs and bouncy eighties basslines, before Violence tears into the drum and bass with synth-metal Slayer type guitar.

Scars are Soulless go for all out sonic assault blistering the ears with a high heat, while Seraphim System add a techno influence to the industrial machine noises.

Colonizer slow the beats down but keep up the distortion, highlighting the razor sharp synth stabs of Cassetter’s dark synth offering.

Teknovore reimagines the Underworld bassline to Rez in dark electro style, before Paganland kick off the rock section with trad Ukrainian instruments and lots of black metal tempo changes.

Horn add Led Zep style banjos over raucous black ‘n roll and Nokturnal Mortum bring back the trad instruments for a symphonic black metal outing.

Wallfahrer play melodic melancholic black metal with a distinctive Germanic scowl to the growling, while Septic Flesh attempt to get every mood and every instrument into five minutes of symphonic death metal.

Julia Juls finishes the selection off for another week with a nostalgic acoustic ballad.

Macrowave, Don Dellpiero, Seraphim System, Horn, Wallfahrer – Self Released
Mythical Vigilante – Soundcloud
Violence – RAW Audio Distortion
Scars Are Soulless – Russian Dark Community
Colonizer – No Face Nate Telegram
Cassetter – FiXT Neon
Teknovore – Infacted Recordings
Paganland - Azermedoth Records
Nokturnal Mortum – Oriana Music
Septic Flesh – Nuclear Blast
Julia Juls – Subversion Production

01:13 Macrowave – Eschaton - NEW
05:31 Mythical Vigilante - Beat Security - NEW
09:36 Don Dellpiero – To Become the World’s Strongest - NEW
15:42 Violence - The Poison & The Cure - Remix Pythius - NEW
20:43 Scars Are Soulless - World Disorder (Red Cross Compilation) - My Inner Fire
24:32 Seraphim System -  The Chosen - NEW
28:19 Colonizer - $upaNa$i - NEW
30:19 Cassetter - Violent Servants - NEW
34:30 Teknovore - World Disorder (Red Cross Compilation) - Anachronist (Aircrash Bureau Remix)
39:36 Paganland – Chornohora - NEW
46:32 Horn - Pein muss (gerieben als Korn) - NEW
50:28 Nokturnal Mortum  - Карпатські Таємниці
55:22 Wallfahrer - Den Menschen So Fern - NEW
07:27 Septic Flesh - Coming Storm - NEW
12:55 Julia Juls - Liebe siegt - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 199 – AAI 052622


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