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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 203 – AAI 062822

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of Nationalist electronica maestros tonight, plus mainstream metal patriots and folk metal traditionalists.

Deha begins with a piano led classical piece, followed by optimistic darksynth from outer space courtesy of Atmolifter.

Siarem go for a dystopian techno vision, while Teknein plays with early 808 State influences.

Kordnell slow the tempo with a hint of acid house and IronMensch goes for machine led industrial marching and samples from a German artist.

Lazerpunk shows a disco influence with his usual tight production and punchy basslines, bringing us to electro-hardcore from Russian rock-and-ravers Issin.

Horn play melodic metal with great harmonic bass, contrasting with Forgotten North’s traditional nordic folk intro and female chanting.

Emenentia Tenebris plays ambient black metal with plenty of keyboards, before Fenris Vrede bring majestic symphonic black metal to tickle your ears.

Iron Maiden show they still have what it takes and Saor bring us back to the present with soaring atmospheric black metal.

Even Keel finish the selection off with acoustic blues protest rock.

Deha – Musical Excrements
Atmolifter, Lazerpunk, Horn, Eminentia Tenebris, Fenris Vrede – Self Released
Siarem – Banshees Records
Teknein, IronMensch – 86.dresden
Kordnell – Will 2 Rise
Issin – Xzona.su
Forgotten North – Forgotten-north.de
Bilodub – PC Records
Iron Maiden – Ironmaiden.com
Saor – Season of Mist
Even Keel – Odysee

01:06 Deha - Dance of the Dead
06:52 Atmolifter – Night City - NEW
10:24 Siarem - Dystopia (Original) - NEW
17:14 Teknein - Die Kirche - NEW
22:01 Kordnell - Kill You - NEW
25:48 IronMensch - Spear of Destiny - NEW
31:08 Lazerpunk - Do Not Disturb - NEW
34:28 Issin - Brave New World - NEW
39:16 Horn - A Hill to Die On - NEW
44:57 Forgotten North – Freya - NEW
49:08 Eminentia Tenebris - Midwinter Sorrow - NEW
53:58 Fenris Vrede - Døden Bringer Meg - NEW
58:23 Iron Maiden - The Time Machine
05:45 Saor - The Ancient Ones  - NEW
14:10 Even Keel – For My People – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 203 – AAI 062822


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