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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 204 – AAI 070722

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

White power rap, nordic folk, doom metal and other lesser known musical genres with a European origin.

Wardruna begin with shamanic beats, strings and chanting, moving into harmonies and pulsing circular breathing from Hindarfjall.

Saxon spits poetry over a classical piano refrain, preparing the way for a No Face Nate anthem with a celtic jig backing track.

Druids of the Black Sun have a more grimy electro sound, which Colonizer adds bass and eighties electro bells and whistles to.

IronMensch blends trance with break beats, while Wolfchild brings dystopic vocals and industrial sounds to the insurgency.

Juliah adds a dark synth flavour to finish the electro section, before we slowly move from Vangelis style synths to doom metal with Final Light.

Das Letzte Lager stick to a slow paced mosh dance, soon taken over by the brutal slamming death dance of Downfall of Mankind.

Schandmaul lighten the mood with trad bagpipe folk rock, before we head back into the death metal with Sekoria’s symphonic accompaniment.

Saint Friendship closes the podcast with a rhythm and blues spiritual number.

Wardruna – By Norse
Hindarfjall – Grim Frost Records
Saxon, No Face Nate, Druids of the Black Sun, Colonizer – Will 2 Rise
Iron Mensch – 86Dresden.com
Wolfchild – Advoxya Records
Jvliah, St Friendship – Soundcloud
Final Light – Red Creek
Das Letzte Lager – Self Released
Downfall of Mankind – Lacerated Enemy Records
Schandmaul – Napalm Records
Sekoria – Sekoria.de

00:46 Wardruna - Rotlaust Tre Fell (Live)
05:26 Hindarfjall - Sól Tér Sortna
12:11 Saxon - Power Level
19:40 No Face Nate – Eternal
24:55 Druids of the Black Sun – Community Defense
27:45 Colonizer - Metamorpha$!$
30:57 IronMensch - Unstoppable Triumph
35:38 Wolfchild - World Of Distortion
39:59 Juliah – Angel of Death
44:08 Final Light - Ruin to Decay
54:27 Das Letzte Lager - Krankheit Mensch
59:07 Downfall of Mankind - For I Am Terror
03:41 Schandmaul - Niamh
07:45 Sekoria -  Todgeweihter
13:55 St Friendship – Clove Letters

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 204 – AAI 070722


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