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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 205 - AAI 071422

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Mediaeval dance music, dark electro, viking metal, symphonic black metal, European musical styles to suit everyone.

Royksopp begin with a punchy remix that draws out the best from its original, followed by a crusader carol in wizard disco format from Mild Peril.

Velax uses flanging bass and electro beats topped with retro keys, taking us up to Mythical Vigilante’s funky Knight Rider theme remix.

Lyde slows the pace but keeps to his majestic style, before Centhron pumps up the high energy dark electro.

Korpoga start the metal section with some hard rocking swing beat, moving into darker shades of folk metal with Jerna and harmonising similar to Velesar’s.

Nebokray play melodic black metal, possibly singing about the opening of the Russo-Japanese war and Powerwolf chug through a live version of one of their classics.

A Lie Nation go for an eighties style thrasharound with added keys, while Ren Marabou goes for old school viking metal harmonies and Sabbath style riffs.

Nebula Orionis bring cheery blackgaze melodies, taking us up to the blistering symphonic deathcore of Swiss band Xaon.

Darkwood finish up with neofolk guitars and mournful vocals.

Royksopp – Royksopp.com
Mild Peril – Mild Peril Recordings
Velax, Korpoga, Jerna, Nebula Orionis – Self Released
Mythical Vigilante, Lyde – Soundcloud
Centhron – Scanner
НЕБОКРАЙ – Autodefe
Powerwolf – Napalm Records
A Lie Nation – Inverse Records
Ren Marabou and the Berserkers – Unknown
Xaon – Xaonmusic.com
Darkwood – Heidenvolk/ Lichterklang

01:12 Royksopp - This Time, This Place (Township Rebellion Remix) - NEW
10:04 Mild Peril – Gaudete
14:21 Velax - Fall In Love - NEW
21:18 Mythical Vigilante - Knight Rider - NEW
24:06 Lyde – Street Dreams - NEW
29:40 Centhron - Divide Et Impera - NEW
33:47 Korpoga – Sommarnatten - NEW
38:31 Jerna - Uboża Lulajka - NEW
43:52 НЕБОКРАЙ - Порт-Артур - NEW
50:25 Powerwolf - Armata Strigoi
54:50 A Lie Nation - God of This Age - NEW
59:07 Ren Marabou and the Berserkers – Fenrir - NEW
04:35 Nebula Orionis - Summer Nights
09:37 Xaon - And Yet I Smile - NEW
17:42 Darkwood – Weltenstuerme

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 205 - AAI 071422


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