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The Orthodox Nationalist: Giambattista Vico II – TON 071322

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson continues his in-depth look at Vico’s enlightenment critique.

In this discussion, the bare outline of Part I is fleshed out in great detail. The work of those like Dr E Michael Jones, Vittorio Hoesle and Joseph Unwin is used to clear up many misconceptions remaining about the difficult yet prophetic work of Vico.

Importantly, a clear understanding as to the causes of the transitions from the Age of the Gods to the Age of the Heroes to the modern understanding of the “rule of law” is also given added detail, which, in turn, leads to the Postmodern destruction of reason itself that Vico could only predict, but not understand from experience.

Vico remains one of the great philosophers of history that attacked the Enlightenment from within.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Giambattista Vico II – TON 071322


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