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The Daily Nationalist: The Great White House Toilet Paper Caper – DN 081222

Sven Dankshanks (Yes! Totally new made up persona courtesy of Grandpa Dan) joins Grandpa Dan to discuss the latest proof that the orange man is truly bad, stupid and evil.

The unquestionably upright and honest reporter Maggie Haberman has a book coming out with the amazing claim that Donald Trump didn’t know that paper shredders exist and thus, was in the habit of flushing important documents down the toilet.

The orange man claimed this was fake news and a blatant attempt to sell a crappy book that nobody would actually buy. Unfortunately for the evil orange man, his stupidity caught up with him, as ironclad proof has surfaced in the form of actual photographs…of toilets. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

Presented by Grandpa Dan

The Daily Nationalist: The Great White House Toilet Paper Caper – DN 081222


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