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The Orthodox Nationalist: Dugin's Concept of Chaos I – TON 083122

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explains the original Greek meaning of the word and how it is applied by Dugin.

Alexander Dugin's concept of “Chaos” is important, despite not directly appearing often in his philosophical corpus until recently.

The term is hardly what the mass mind makes of it, but it is a critical concept almost totally misunderstood.

The word “chaos,” deriving from the Greek, like all else translated into the English-speaking mass mind, has been debased.

Chaos is not the lack of order, but the existence of the almost infinite complexity inherent in any object or relation.

This broadcast explains why Chaos is so immensely important and begins to flesh out its connections to anti-modernism and multipolarity.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Dugin's Concept of Chaos I – TON 083122


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