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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 213 – AAI 091522

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Wizard disco, epic metal, synthwave and folk, all created by and reflecting the European soul.

Paladin begins with an epic ambient piece building up layers of crusader melodies and mediaeval loops, followed by Saxon’s triphop backing track and Aussie White power rap.

Mystic’s lyrics hit home about grooming gangs with a familiar chorus, before Amalec pitch bends Hiraeth’s voice and completely re-imagines one of her acoustic tunes.

Electronic Frequency bring industrial beats with clear vocals and Euforic Existence get the techno kick drum out for a barn storming stompalong.

Close to the Tree open the accordions for some slavic folk metal, while Grimheart shows his talent in writing for different orchestral instruments.

Parasite.inc blend a synthwave influence with their melodeath and Panychida add eighties thrash into their modern pagan metal.

Ter plays blisteringly fast atmospheric black metal with a folk flavour, before Defacing God get the orchestra out again for some symphonic death metal.

Aeternam stay with the symphony adding choirs and strings and Exire finish off the podcast with a neofolk variation of ‘Scarborough Fair’.

Paladin – Mild Peril Recordings
Saxon – W2R Records
Mystic – Mystic (Telegram)
Hiraeth & Amalec – Youtube
Electronic Frequency – Electronic-Frequency.com
Euforic Existence – Fear the Light Underground Productions
Около Дерева – Xzona.su
Grimheart – Self Released
Parasite Inc – Parasiteinc.de
Panychida, Ter, Aeternam – Self Released
Defacing God – Napalm Records
Exire - Hammerstorm

00:42 Paladin – The Spell
14:11 Saxon - Immortal Tekneek
18:55 Mystic - Where'd U Go
23:08 Hiraeth and Amalec – From the Ashes we Rise
28:04 Electronic Frequency - Perfect Life
32:43 Euforic Existence - The Cause - Nuclear Sludge Remix
37:42 Около Дерева - Хозяин Лесов
41:27 Grimheart - Ripple In The Cosmic Firmament
48:42 Parasite Inc - Cyan Night Dreams
52:27 Panychida - Prokletí Christlova Dvora
56:54 Ter - Cerulean Shores
02:14 Defacing God - In the Land of Rain and Sorrow
07:14 Aeternam - The Fall of Constantinople
18:27 Exire - Green Man

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 213 – AAI 091522


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Artwork by PatriArt and the Patriotic Arts Community

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