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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 214 – AAI 092222

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

From Nordic folk to symphonic black metal with synthwave and EBM in between.

Heilung begin with ultra-bass male chants and traditional folk instruments, before Teknein takes us in a new wave direction with a minimalist influence on the melody.

Statiqbloom get funky with an electro beat and machine noises, while Echoberyl release another killer dance floor remix.

Freakangel resurrect an old classic with a new freaky trance version and NeuroWulf goes cyberpunk with plenty of syncopated bass.

Mistletoe play mid-tempo folk metal with melodramatic Russian vocals, followed by Meteora with wind instruments and exotic melodies.

On the Wings of Tragedy use classical piano with metal riffs, contrasting with Vermilia’s triumphant black metal and folk motifs.

Megadeth thrash like the best of their eighties output and Born Divided bring modern technical proficiency and speed with melodic death metal.

Brymir play victorious we just won the battle black metal with superb soloes and Ewiger Sturm finishes up with an acoustic cover of a Sturmwehr ballad.

Heilung – Season of Mist
Teknein – 86dresden.com
Statiqbloom, Neurowolf, Vermilia, Born Divided – Self Released
Echoberyl – Echoberyl.com
Freakangel – Freakangel.net
Омела, На Крыльях Трагедии – Xzona.su
Meteora – H-Music
Megadeth – Tradecraft
Brymir – Napalm Records
Ewiger Sturm – PC Records

01:03 Heilung - Asja
06:45 Teknein - Castle in the Sand
16:59 Statiqbloom - Possession (Kontravoid Remix)
22:41 Echoberyl - Silent Monster (Extended Club Mix)
28:20 Freakangel - The Last White Dance (Freaky Mind Remix)
33:57 NeuroWulf - Permaheat
39:20 Омела - Чёрная Листва
46:39 Meteora - Slave of Creation
51:54 На Крыльях Трагедии – Thunderstorm Symphony
58:56 Vermilia - Tuonen Joki
04:27 Megadeth - We’ll Be Back
09:17 Born Divided - Impending Doom
15:47 Brymir - Herald of Aegir
20:09 Ewiger Sturm - Ein letzter Moment (Sturmwehr cover)

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 214 – AAI 092222


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