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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 215 – AAI 092922

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

New music with a European soul from the alternative genres covering synthwave to black metal.

Xurious begins with a more introspective style featuring lead guitar work over piano, while Atmolifter blends mid-paced darksynth with sci-fi ambient loops in a Cyberwalker remix.

Wayfloe picks up the pace with soft sounds and an electro beat, before For Null stays with the quirky rhythms adding machine noises into the mix.

Vector Seven brings a harder bass driven metal style to the electronica, while Zeitgeist2511 go dark electro with an unexpected opera section.

Confluencia builds a monster of a techno tune that feels like a plane taking off, contrasting with The Great Order’s organic guitar based alt-rock.

The Yardbombs demolish a Beastie Boys cover White Power style, before Edenbridge play symphonic metal with female vocals.

Apocalyptica really excel in their cello metal version of Beethoven’s 5th and Vogelfrey stay with the triumphalism adding a German folk melody.

Wolfheart make very technical black metal with a subtle string section, followed by Silence Oath’s fast paced symphonic black metal with soaring vocals.

To Obey a Tyrant start with a symphony and end with brutal slamming deathcore, while Treustier finish the podcast off with a bagpipe led lament.

Xurious – Odyssey
Atmolifter, Vector Seven – Self Released
Wayfloe – New Retro Wave
For Null – Telegram
Zeitgeist2511 – Russian Dark Community
Confluencia – Mord
The Great Order – Thegreatorder.com
The Yardbombs - Hammerstorm
Edenbridge – Edenbridge.org
Apocalyptica – Independent
Vogelfrey – Vogelfrey.net
Wolfheart – Wolfheartmetal.com
Silence Oath – Elevate Records
To Obey a Tyrant – Reality Fade
Treustier – Xzona.su

01:10 Xurious – Amor Fati – featuring BlackWater
06:16 Atmolifter – Cyberwalker – Awakening of the Mind
11:46 Wayfloe - Niflheim
16:24 For Null – Strober
18:53 Vector Seven - Demolition Drive
23:35 Zeitgeist2511 – Unholy City of Evil
28:54 Confluencia – Perplejo
37:44 The Great Order – I Have Made
41:18 The Yardbombs - Fight For Your Right (To Nazi)
44:30 Edenbridge - Hall of Shame
50:01 Apocalyptica - Beethoven 5th
55:15 Vogelfrey – Stahlhammer
59:36 Wolfheart - Fires of the Fallen
04:44 Silence Oath - The Calling
11:39 To Obey a Tyrant - Sermon Ov Serpents
17:08 Treustier – Lament of the Executioner

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 215 – AAI 092922


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