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The Orthodox Nationalist: Dugin's Concept of Chaos II – TON 090722

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson continues explaining Dugin’s usage of the chaos concept.

Part II of this two hour excursion into the philosophical concept of Chaos will connect the idea to apophatic theology and the nature of the modern Anglo-American Imperium. Chaos is the “background myth” of being. It is the immense complexity that our language can only abbreviate in the most limited way.

Logic (as in an imposed, ideological structure of the world) takes a tiny piece of reality and then claims it is the whole, it is “reality.” At best, what lies outside it is “unknowable” or “nonsense” while, at worst, it is a threat that must be oppressed at all cost. Chaos in the true sense frightens official systems based on logical designs. “Logical” is not the same as “truthful.”

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Dugin's Concept of Chaos II – TON 090722


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