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The Orthodox Nationalist: Ukraine For Sale – TON 092122

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson contrasts the economic fortunes of Ukraine with the Russian controlled areas.

As most of Ukraine falls into Fourth World status, the July meeting of the Regime in Lugano, Switzerland decreed the painful future of the country. A harsh austerity program is being imposed on Ukraine from the Great Reset system. Everything the state owns is being sold off to western corporations, rendering Ukraine an “international zone,” very similar to Kosovo.

Under the cover of the 2014 revolution, Covid and the war, all of this is being rammed through the halls of power in the name of “democracy” and “transparency.” As all rights of labor have been repealed in western controlled areas, the Russian occupied areas are growing, with all debts canceled including past due bills and mortgages.

Social payments, pensions and basic infrastructure have been restored and the ruble used as the reserve currency, which automatically means that workers make three times what they made yesterday. So many Ukrainians are applying for Russian citizenship that Putin was forced to streamline and expedite the application process. The contrast between the Great Reset and Russian Social Nationalism has never been clearer.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Ukraine For Sale – TON 092122


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