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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 222 – AAI 111722

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Top quality dance tunes, top quality metal, because White guys make all the best music.

Oligarkh open with an Orb style pulsating ambient number, followed by Saxon and No Face Nate’s laid back late night professional street poetry.

Pitchfork mix drum and bass with trad Russian folk harmonies in a highly original style, leading into an Avarice in Audio percussive masterpiece with bouncy bass and electric guitars.

Vector Seven build up the new retrowave vibes with an awesome drop to put a smile on your face and Donbor keeps you turning up that volume for more bass.

MissSuicide ups the tempo and the classical influence for a trance stormer, before Molllust takes that classical influence to new heights with a metal opera.

Mandragora Thuringia manage to find a Finnish flavour in amongst the German beerhall folk metal and Fangoria keep that skippety beat going with flutes and Celtic melodies.

Clamoris move back to the symphony with a melodic black metal fusion, leading into melodic death metal with straight up guitars from Infernal Tenebra.

Symphonic deathcore from Bonecarver takes us up to the final piece from Andrei Moissejev, a symphonic Aryan epic in three movements.

Oligarkh, Vector Seven, Donbor, Fangorn – Self Released
Saxon and No Face Nate – Will 2 Rise Records
Вилы – Zion Music
Avarice in Audio – Alfa Matrix
MissSuicide – MissSuicide.de
Molllust – Molllust.com
Mandragora Thuringia – Mandragora-Thuringia.de
Clamoris – Inverse Records
Infernal Tenebra - InfernalTenebra.com
Bonecarver – Bonecarverofficial.com
Andrei Moissejev – Youtube

01:18 Oligarkh – Kitezh
09:11 Saxon and No Face Nate - Back2Back
14:47 Вилы – Крапива
20:13 Avarice in Audio - The Never Never
26:23 Vector Seven - The Grid
31:52 Donbor - Renegade (feat. Violation Drive) (Remix)
36:31 MissSuicide - Herbivor (Grendel Remix)
41:47 Molllust - Sun - Journey of Icarus
47:36 Mandragora Thuringia – Trollmelodie
52:17 Fangorn - The Sun of Dawn and Tuoni's Daughter
59:31 Clamoris - Opus Limbonica
06:46 Infernal Tenebra - Civilization Unrest
11:17 Bonecarver - Horror Disorder
15:29 Andrei Moissejev – Westman the Sunlike One of Men

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 222 – AAI 111722


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