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The Orthodox Nationalist: Henri Bergson and the Elan Vital – TON 112322

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at one of the first philosophers to identify the spiritual dangers of the industrialized world.

Bergson (1859-1941) represents the turn of the century dissatisfaction with the ideology of the industrial world – materialism and Darwinism. The rule of capitalist industry in England and France created a new, revolutionized man: the Mass Man who understands only simple logic and pleasure seeking, so long as it is justified by those in authority. This is not a human life.

However, the actual behavior of exceptional men cannot be explained by materialism and its “scientific” analogue, Darwinism. The drive to excel, to discover and to understand goes beyond the implications of materialism and evolutionism, since it comes with great risk of failure.

Bergson might be the first glimpse of man's reaction to the deadening effects of industrial materialism and the Mass Mind it creates. Materialism is false, at least in part, because of its anti-human implications.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Henri Bergson and the Elan Vital – TON 112322


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