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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 224 – AAI 120122

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Dark genres of music emanating from musicians of the fairest race

Black Lakes get a melancholy ambient remix to begin and For Null gets his dancing shoes on for a funky electro outing.

General Dynamics play minimal abrasive industrial with lyrical nihilism, while IronMensch follows it up with the audio equivalent of an aerial bombing raid.

Royksopp provide some respite with an immersive retro tune reminiscent of the early noughties, moving into mid-paced cyberpunk from Rogue VHS and Extra Terra.

Soman gets the kick drum out with a trance influence to finish off the dance section and lead us into Darkest Era’s melodic Thin Lizzy inspired pagan metal.

Pagan Sword stay with the Celtic feel adding viola, while Ellende create the same atmospherics of the fiddle with their super fast axe work.

Arsafes plays extreme metal with Eurasian influences and Depresy inject new energy into melodic death metal with multiple melodies flying out at different tempos.

Istarn keep up the furious pace adding a string section and progressive time signatures, before Timor et Tremor strip the sound back to bare bones melodic atmoblack metal.

Romantikus Eroszak play us out with country and western featuring a Hungarian flavour.

Black Lakes – Xzona.su
For Null – For Null (Telegram)
General Dynamics – Qual
IronMensch – IronMensch (Telegram)
Royksopp – Royksopp.com
Rogue VHS – Rogue-vhs.com
Soman – Spotify
Darkest Era, Pagan Sword, Istarn – Self Released
Ellende – Ellende.at
Arsafes – The Arsafes Union
Depresy – Metal Age Productions
Timor et Tremor – Trollzorn Records
Romantikus Eroszak – Hadak Utja Kiado

01:07 Black Lakes - Kotara Syndrome (Katharos Melancholin Cosmic Remix)
06:24 For Null – Keep Your Distance 1
07:47 For Null – Keep Your Distance 2
10:57 General Dynamics – Oblivion Divine
16:04 IronMensch - Bombs Over Israel
21:03 Royksopp - The Night
28:50 Rogue VHS - Renegade (feat. Extra Terra)
33:15 Soman - Divine (2.0.1 Remix)
40:07 Darkest Era - The Collapse
46:51 Pagan Sword - Hymn of Valour
51:20 Ellende – Unsterblich
59:20 Arsafes - Save Me From Myself
04:01 Depresy - Self Ignition
09:47 Istarn - Withering World
17:24 Timor et Tremor - A Crown of Bones
24:43 Romantikus Eroszak – Davajgitár

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 224 – AAI 120122


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