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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 225 – AAI 120822

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Showcasing the vast talent of European musicians creating harmonious sounds from their many audio devices.

Colonizer begins with a sub bass quaking trip-hop version of No Face Nate’s Columns which follows, adding rousing Nationalist lyrics to the vintage loops.

Corlyx darken the disco with a new wave number, preparing the way for Xurious’ classical influence and retro sci-fi synths.

Menschdefekt bring a trancey EBM flavour to the dance beats, leaving it to Freaky Mind to add techno rhythms and western critique into the mix.

Cerebra add a cyberpunk aesthetic and chainsaw synth guitar, while We Are Magonia ham it up with cheesy darksynth horror riffs and a disco bassline.

Irving Force brings techno-thrash fusion with a funky feel and Induction take us into the metal section proper with soaring choirs and brass.

Langoisse bring trumpets and sax to the post-black metal riffs, complimenting Parom’s accordion and flute Slovakian folk metal.

NorthZyklon play fast and furious melodeath as a taster for Nephilim’s blistering guitars-only epic with lead harmonies flying everywhere.

A string section opens with melancholic piano refrain before the deathcore of Beneath an Obsidian Sky takes us up to the last track, a piece composed for the harp by Andrei Moissejev.

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Colonizer, No Face Nate – W2R Records (Telegram)
Corlyx – Out of Line Music
Xurious – Odyssee
Menschdefekt – Infacted Recordings
Freaky Mind – Dark Tunes
Cerebra – Neon Retro Records
We Are Magonia, Irving Force – Self Released
Induction – Nuclear Blast Records
Langoisse – Xzona.su
Parom  - Murderous Production
NorthZyklon, Beneath an Obsidian Sky – Self Released
Nephilim - Nephilimarise.com
Andrei Moissejev – Youtube

00:52 Colonizer - LDANFN
04:23 No Face Nate - Columns
07:37 Corlyx - Raindrops (Featuring Massive Ego)
11:49 Xurious – Avenger
17:18 Menschdefekt - Tempus Futurum
21:55 Freaky Mind – Freedom
26:51 Cerebra - Taken By Force
30:59 We Are Magonia - Electric Guillotine 2
36:14 Irving Force - Corporate Killer
41:19 Induction - Order & Chaos
47:06 Langoisse – Anergia
54:01 Parom – Zima
59:05 NorthZyklon - Space Ark
03:58 Nephilim - Squandered Endowment
10:34 Beneath an Obsidian Sky - Sic Mundus Creatus Est
16:39 Andrei Moissejev – There Once Was I

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 225 – AAI 120822


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