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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 227 - AAI 122222

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Nationalist metal and RAC, plus European synthwave, EBM and folk metal from the Occident.

Ybrid begins with tribal beats and melancholic violins, easing us into the soft-machine ambient style of Aeternia.

Holon gets a burbling bassline going with progressive rhythms and Vetu de Noir keep the modulating frequencies and bring in a disco beat.

Castroe sharpens the sound with cyberpunk influences and MulPhia goes back to breakbeats with guitars madchester style.

To Avoid go for hard EBM with dark electro vocals and Dav Dralleon goes for FX-heavy syncopated electro-metal piece.

Fortid add classical and folk flavours to their pagan metal, before Myrvandrer adds Norwegian crooning over blackgaze guitars.

Jotunsblod play raw folk metal leading us into the symphonic death metal of Sonus Mortis with thrash metal influences.

Norrskold sound like NWOBHM with extra teeth and synths, while Green Arrows keep the hardcore spirit alive.

Heiliger Krieg play an RAC anthem with absolute perfection, before Wolfnacht’s furious national socialist symphonic black metal kicks in.

Sokya Perun play us out with a country and western tinged acoustic version of ‘Ukrainian Patriot’.

Ybrid – Ybrid.org
Aeternia, Holon – Soundcloud
Vetu de Noir, MulpHia, Dav Dralleon, Myrvandrer, Jotunsblod, Sonus Mortis – Self Released
Castroe – Laserdiscs Records
To Avoid – To-Avoid.de
Fortid – Prophecy Productions
Norrskold – Spotify
Green Arrows – OPOS Records
Heiliger Krieg – Oldschool Records
Wolfnacht – Dunkel Bunker
Sokya Perun – Sva Stone

01:15 Ybrid - Dziban
08:46 Aeternia – In Machine We Trust
13:19 Holon – No Discernible Pattern Detected
18:30 Vetu de Noir – Legacy
23:12 Castroe – Genocyber
27:43 MulpHia - Something Missing Me
32:08 To Avoid - Trust (Funker Vogt - Remix)
36:25 Dav Dralleon - Wizards Ov Azathoth
40:59 Fortid – Fimbulvetur
49:20 Myrvandrer - Kunsten Å Forsvinne
55:59 Jotunsblod - Gods Be with Us
59:36 Sonus Mortis - Holistic Cult
03:51 Norrskold - Only Silence
07:54 Green Arrows - Your Decay
10:34 Heiliger Krieg - Change Of Times
15:21 Wolfnacht - Feuer Und Stahl
20:49 Sokya Perun - Ukrainian Patriot

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 227 - AAI 122222


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