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The Daily Nationalist: Democracy Threatened by Dance Videos – DN 121622

Grandpa Dan looks at calls for TikTok to be banned as a threat to national security.

In a system of democracy (see: our values and who we are) politicians are quick to address the issues that are of utmost concern to the citizenry. In the midst of an economic collapse, their children and grandchildren being turned into homosexuals via the school system and the threat of WWIII, the people voted Team R in order to have their most grave concerns addressed: Namely, the threat to our freedoms and democracy posed by TikTok.

You see, while you might enjoy the freedom of posting dance videos on TikTok, that video can become a threat to national security if the evil Chinese are able to spy on your dance videos. Thankfully we have the Republicans ready to ride in to save the day, protecting us from the grave threat posed by the Chinese via TikTok.

Presented by Grandpa Dan

The Daily Nationalist: Democracy Threatened by Dance Videos – DN 121622


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