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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 229 – AAI 010523

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

White people and stringed instruments have been together for thousands of years and it shows - White guys write all the best music.

Olivia Key begins with a subdued ballad holding back her power levels, while Teknein experiments with a dubstep influence.

Dizz D’ark blends new wave and EBM in a minor key and Metroland go for Kraftwerk style synths with modern production.

Neoslave have a new romantic meets goth feel and Psygore add trance flavours and industrial beats.

Teknovore gets the kick drum pounding with more trance toppings and Thrawsunblat play celtic-tinged pagan metal.

The Wolves of Avalon introduce Gong to black metal for an historic outing and Feuerschwanz bring the bagpipes and fiddles for a viking anthem cover version.

Blutzeugen get technical with the RAC riffs and Final Blast add epic symphonics and lead guitar wizardry.

Sold Soul play symphonic deathcore and zombie rap, while Synestia add a melodic black metal influence to the orchestration.

Stworz finish up with a neofolk rendition of a black metal tune.

Olivia Key – Youtube
Teknein – Audius
Dizz D'ark, Psygore, Thrawsunblat, Final Blast, Synestia, Stworz – Self Released
Metroland – Alfa Matrix
Neoslave –Lazer Discs
Teknovore – Russian Dark Community
The Wolves of Avalon – Godreah Records
Feuerschwanz – Napalm Records
Blutzegen – OPOS Records
Sold Soul – Soldsoulband.com

01:19 Olivia Key – Just a Breath
05:48 Teknein - Trinity
10:04 Dizz D'ark - Eine Liebe
16:47 Metroland - Davos (Forum A Edit)
21:11 Neoslave - Arizona [Masked Remix] (Feat. Dorian Electrique)
26:31 Psygore - Neo Seoul (From Womb To Tomb)
33:55 Teknovore - Make Us Whole
39:38 Thrawsunblat - The Weathered Sandstone
46:00 The Wolves of Avalon - Men Of Gododdin
52:27 Feuerschwanz - Twilight of the Thunder God
56:46 Blutzeugen - Hammer Oder Amboss
01:37 Final Blast – Hellion
06:05 Sold Soul - Cathedral Of Dracul (feat. Twisted Insane)
10:25 Synestia – Aeterna
17:49 Stworz - Ponieś Mnie Rzeko (Acoustic)

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 229 – AAI 010523


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