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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 232 – AAI 012623

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Ambient, neo-folk, electro, hard trance, RAC and a ballad by the Nationalist artists, along with synthwave and metal from the rest.

Nils Widerberg begins with a guitar led ambient tune, followed by smooth retro synthwave from Mental Minority.

Ironmensch goes back to the seventies for an electro Black Sabbath cover version, while Wolftron hits the eighties sounds with nineties beats.

Murkula plays spooky syncopated darksynth and Menschdefekt warn about where playing space invaders would eventually take us.

The Enigma hits the electro-metal with a cyberpunk feel and Dark Matter lifts the roof off with a banging hard dance number pondering the Aryan soul.

Neuromonakh Feofan blend Spanish folk guitar, with Russian singing and drum and bass, contrasting with Olivia Key’s polished orchestrated ballad with soaring vocals.

Interra keep the synths for a melodeath workout and Frostnatt adds blast beats and an atmoblack tremolo.

Medenera brings harps and French horns to ambient black metal, while London Breed strip back all the bells and whistles for a menacing punk frightener.

Walg get back to the black metal with bagpipes and growls and Sun Vessel finish up with glittery neo-folk with an early goth influence.

Nils Widerberg – Black Birds Music Tapestri (Telegram)
Mental Minority, Wolftron, Murkula, The Enigma TNG, Interra, Frostnatt, Medenera – Self Released
Ironmensch – Ironmensch Music (Telegram)
Menschdefekt – Infacted Recordings
Dark Matter – DarkMatterWaffen (Telegram)
Нейромонах Феофан – Xzona.su
Olivia Key – Keyofo (Telegram)
London Breed – PC Records
Walg – WalgmetaL.com
Sun Vessel – Sun_Vessel (Telegram)

01:10 Nils Widerberg - Hell, Yeah
06:24 Mental Minority – Lost
12:15 IronMensch - Electric Funeral
15:53 Wolftron - Last Survivor
21:00 Murkula – Hexicon
25:08 Menschdefekt - Arcade Life
29:29 The Enigma TNG - Misanthropic Empire
34:31 Dark Matter - Dimensional Odysee '23 (Original Mix)
40:23 Нейромонах Феофан – Дуб
44:33 Olivia Key – Amor Fati
49:43 Interra - Into the Light
55:13 Frostnatt - Gjennom Vintertåka
02:09 Medenera - Prigionieri Di Una Pace Illusoria
06:18 London Breed - Welcome To South London
11:58 Walg – Verlossing
17:42 Sun Vessel – Atlantean Blood

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 232 – AAI 012623


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