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The Orthodox Nationalist: Metropolitan Saint Filaret – TON 011123

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson describes Metropolitan St. Filaret’s theory on what true freedom is.

St. Filaret (Drozdov 1782-1867) was one of the greatest political theorists in Old Russian history. In this lecture, his conception of monarchy is discussed through the lens of human freedom.

Like most monarchists of the era, the idea of monarchy can be defended through an understanding of free will. Slavery to passions is the opposite of freedom and thus free will is something to be fought for. Sin is easy, while virtue is difficult. How much worse is it when a society is dedicated to the denial of Truth?

Freedom and reason are two sides of the same coin. Their end goal is Truth. Liberal freedom is just the removal of all external restraints on the ego, but to what end? Truth plays no part. Internal freedom is the freedom from the passions and thus, towards Truth. This is found in Natural Law and is the heart of monarchism.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Metropolitan Saint Filaret – TON 011123


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