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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 233 – AAI 020223

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Tribal beats, Nationalist neo-folk and alt-rock, plus ambient black metal and even David Icke on the show tonight.

Skald begin with powerful drums and percussive folk singing, followed by Domhain’s chase scene electro-drums and soundtrack effects.

Second Tension move away from the natural sounds into pipe banging techno and Asymetric 80 adds David Icke to a trance backing.

Priest play electro rock against cancel culture and Assalm gets into a darksynth vibe.

Cybermode keep the head nodding with bouncy cyberpunk until Bleunwenn starts the rock section with softly strummed neofolk and a catchy chorus.

Hiraeth lifts muted orchestration with her distinctive voice and Wutberger’s folk rock will get you tapping your feet.

Horned Foot’s melodic black n roll is full of good time energy, complimenting the symphonics and soaring harmonies of Twilight Force.

Firienholt use male choirs and medieval instrumentation to accentuate the Tolkien flavour in their ambient black metal.

Zmey Gorynich lighten the load with barn-storming accordion deathcore and Nils Widerberg winds the podcast down with old time acoustic blues.

Skald – Skald.shop
Domhain – Soundcloud
Second Tension – Ancient Methods
Priest – Cleopatra Records
Assalm, Firienholt, Zmey Gorynich – Self Released
Cybermode Beats – Cybermo.de
Bleunwenn – Bleunwenn Music (Telegram)
Hiraeth – Youtube
Wutberger – Sub Version Production
Рогатая Нога – Xzona.su
Twighlight Force – Nuclear Blast
Nils Widerberg – Black Birds Music (Telegram)

01:04 Skald - Ljósálfur
04:30 Domhain - Rolling Mist
12:49 Second Tension – Medea
19:26 Asymetric 80 - Hidden Visions
25:39 Priest – Blacklisted
29:06 Assalm – Despot
33:52 Cybermode Beats - World in Motion
40:16 Bleunwenn – A Bit of a Dance
44:42 Hiraeth – Beyond the Vultures
48:38 Wutberger - Walhalla
52:27 Рогатая Нога – Царь
57:44 Twilight Force -  Dragonborn
02:21 Firienholt - Tedd Deireádh
17:07 Zmey Gorynich – Бараденца
20:20 Nils Widerberg - Jealous Crow

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 233 – AAI 020223


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