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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 235 – AAI 021623

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Neofolk, alt-rock, folk metal, RAC, progressive house and wizard disco from the Nationalist artists, alongside plenty of great new music from the rest.

The Machine Elf begins with a hypnotic progressive house tune, followed by an up tempo electro ambient number from Holon.

For Null bangs the shaman’s drum adding medieval synth melodies and RudolVe brings a new wave edge to his darksynth cover version.

First Aid 4 Souls blend multiple sounds and influences into their electro piece and Brigade Enzephalon add vocals and guitars to an electropop chorus.

Jvliah brings choirs and brass with a pulsating trance bassline, before Kurtz 1928 goes at it with full on distorted kick drums and industrial bliss.

Beyond the Northwind bring a Led Zep feel to the neofolk and Even Keel raises the spirits with his bluesy version of the same.

Leger Des Heils add orchestration to a melancholy Uberfolk style, contrasting with the heavy identity rock guitars of Hungarica.

Arctida have bombastic brass and soaring vocals, while Godiva add a touch of death metal to the symphonics.

Nokturnal Mortum use trad Ukrainian instruments and melodies with the black metal and Bleunwenn finishes up with a haunting ballad for Brittany’s stones.

The Machine Elf, Holon, Jvliah, Beyond the Northwind – Soundcloud
For Null – Youtube
RudolVe, Bleunwenn – Self Released
First Aid 4 Souls – Alfa Matrix
Brigade Enzephalon – Infacted Recordings
Kurtz 128 – Heart’s Whispers
Legba’s Finest – Unknown
Even Keel – EvenKeel14 (Telegram)
Leger Des Heils – Aristae
Hungarica – Hadak Utja Kiado
АрктидА – Xzonoa.su
Godiva – GodivaOfficial.com
Nokturnal Mortum – Oriana Productions

01:03 The Machine Elf – Asatru
09:25 Holon - Some Things Are Best Left Alone
14:52 For Null – Wel Have Our Home Again
18:03 RudolVe – Blanc Noire
23:03 First Aid 4 Souls - The Well Of Bones (instrumental)
29:07 Brigade Enzephalon - Ohne Dich
33:57 Jvliah – Edgerunners
37:55 Kurtz 1928 - Ghost Army
43:49 Beyond the Northwind – Temple of the Sun
48:48 Even Keel – Rise
51:30 Leger Des Heils – Europa
56:08 Hungarica - Árnyékos oldal
59:41 АрктидА - Валашский Князь
04:28 Godiva - Media God
09:32 Nokturnal Mortum – Світогляд
18:53 Bleunwenn – Revenir Aux Pierres

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 235 – AAI 021623


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