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The Daily Nationalist: Living in Constant Fear of Racism – DN 020123

Sven Longshanks uses a UN report to show that multiculturalism results in the Black community living in constant fear of racism.

The United Nations experts spent ten days in multicultural Britain talking to the Black community and they found a people living in constant fear, who were traumatized by racism.

The UN said there needs to be equality of outcomes to fix this, while the government responded that there is already equality of opportunity and reasons other than racism explain the different life outcomes.

It doesn’t really matter who is right, the facts are that Black people live in fear of racism and the only guaranteed way to stop this trauma is to live like the rest of the world does, with ethnically homogenous communities where no racism could ever happen.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Living in Constant Fear of Racism – DN 020123


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